This chew-resistant grooming noose stays dry even when wet. An indispensable product for all grooming and bath tub users, our Grooming Noose goes for maximum strength and durability with the highest quality materials available. The use of all brass, aluminum and stainless steel hardware make our Grooming noose the best on the market. Our noose won’t fray or be torn apart like its nylon counterpart. Won’t absorb dirt or odors as well. Can be used through every aspect of the grooming process and will stay completely dry without being removed from the pet’s neck. Even comes with a lifetime rust-proof guarantee. Coated with a soft, cushioned covering that won’t rip, rub or tear hair around pet’s neck. One size fits all. Available in lengths of 14″, 18″ and 21″ in the light weight model and 22″ in the heavy weight model.