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Proguard Leashes & Tie Outs

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Proguard Leashes & Tie Outs

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Proguard Leashes & Tie Outs

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Proguard Leashes & Tie Outs

Housebreaking Cable Tie-Out


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NBC Visits a Puppy Party!

Yes, Puppy Paradise is now offering Puppy Parties. Our staff will come to your house or party location within 50 miles of our location, in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK ,with a small collection of our adorable puppies that you and your guests have hand-picked. You and your guests can pick 4 (or more!) puppies your children have always wanted to see and hold from our in-store nursery. Just leave your event information, sign a release form, and that’s it! We can bring any combination of breeds to your party, and we can even bring up to 10 puppies or add more time to your party: no problem!

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